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What is Air Leakage Test System

An air leakage test system, also known as an air leak tester or air leak detection system, is a specialized equipment used to assess the airtightness or integrity of sealed components, assemblies, or products. This type of testing is commonly employed in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, and manufacturing, to ensure that a product or component does not have unintended leaks that could compromise its performance or safety. Here are key aspects and functionalities of an air leakage test system:

  1. Air Pressure Differential: Air leakage tests typically involve creating a pressure differential across the component or product being tested. This differential pressure is established by introducing compressed air (or another gas) at a specific pressure into the test chamber or test fixture.

  2. Sealing and Fixturing: The component or product is securely sealed or fixtured within the test chamber or fixture to isolate it from the external environment. This ensures that the air pressure differential only affects the item being tested.

  3. Leak Detection Methods: Air leakage test systems use various methods to detect and measure leaks. These methods include:

    • Pressure Decay Method: Measures the rate of pressure drop in the test chamber, which indicates the presence and magnitude of leaks.

    • Mass Flow Measurement: Measures the flow of air or gas escaping from the component. A high flow rate indicates a larger leak.

    • Bubble Testing: Submerges the component in a liquid, and air bubbles that emerge reveal leak locations.

    • Ultrasonic Testing: Uses ultrasonic sensors to detect high-frequency noise generated by escaping air or gas.

    • Helium Leak Testing: Utilizes helium as a tracer gas, which is highly sensitive and can detect extremely small leaks.

  4. Test Criteria: The test system is configured with specific test criteria and tolerances that define acceptable and unacceptable levels of leakage. These criteria are often based on industry standards and product specifications.

  5. Data Acquisition and Analysis: The system collects data on leak rates or leak locations and compares this data to the predefined criteria. It can generate reports and provide real-time feedback to operators.

  6. Automation: Many air leakage test systems are automated, allowing for high-speed and repeatable testing in production environments. Automation reduces the potential for human error and increases efficiency.

  7. Customization: Air leakage test systems can be customized to accommodate different product shapes, sizes, and testing requirements. This flexibility is essential for various industries and applications.

  8. Traceability: Test systems often include traceability features, such as barcoding or labeling, to associate test results with specific components or products for quality control and compliance purposes.

  9. Calibration and Maintenance: Regular calibration and maintenance are crucial to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test system.

Air leakage test systems are vital for ensuring product quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. They are used to identify and rectify leaks in a wide range of products, including sealed enclosures, automotive components, medical devices, HVAC systems, and more. Properly conducted air leakage testing helps manufacturers deliver products that meet stringent quality and safety requirements.

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Sızdırmazlık Test Sistemi, Kaçak Kontrol, Basınç Düşürme, Ateq, Sızdırmazlık


Air Leak Test System

We develop sealing test systems to minimize disruptions and increase quality and efficiency in the injection production industry. We aim to raise the quality standard by improving the production process of our customers with innovative and product-specific solutions in the design and manufacturing of these systems. With the Leak-Tightness Test systems we carry out with different types of gases, especially air;

  • Leak Control

  • Source Control

We test all the components you want to check, such as: Additionally, we can improve your process as İBER TEKNO OTOMASYON company with database integration.

Air Leak Test and Dimension Measurement System

Before and after the leakage test, the dimensions of the tested product are measured and recorded. With this method;

  • Dimension measurement with 0.1 mm precision, (Please contact us for more precise measurements.

  • Measurement control before and after the test

  • Recording measurements

  • Tolerance losses incurred by the product due to production conditions

  • Both sealing and dimension measurement in one machine

It offers solutions to your production in terms of efficiency and traceability.

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