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FCT Test, ICT Test, Ingun, Equip Test

Test Systems

Component Test (ICT), Function Test (FCT), Life Test Systems, Product Test etc. different test solutions specific to electronic cards...


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FCT Test Sistemi, FCT, ICT, ICT Test Sistemi

Electronic Card Test Systems

Electronic Card test methods are an integral part of the production process. We offer a variety of PCB testing methods to ensure the longevity and quality of manufactured boards.


Torba Açma Sistemi, Bag Emptying Systems, Bag slitter

Bag Emptying Machine

We manufacture automatic machines for unloading plastic granule raw materials. If you want, we can transform this machine, which will become the heart of your factory by emptying 1000 bags per hour, into an automation system with a conveyor line. In addition, we can develop the most suitable system for your production line with our different design solutions.

Manuel Test Fikstürü, Ingun, Equip Test

Manual Test Fixtures

If you have your own test platform and you only need fixtures, you can connect to your existing system with our manual test fixture solutions. You can examine our solutions suitable for different uses.

-Pneumatic Press
-Manual Press
-Electrical Press


Special Test Systems

Dimension measurement, Visual Control, Distance Measurement, Robotic Control etc. We design special production solutions that will be needed in the production process with our R&D team and offer them on a turnkey basis. Smart camera, Profile Sensor, Laser measuring systems, 6 axis robot etc. By using methods, we can eliminate errors and speed up your production.


Leakage Test Systems

We produce sealing systems with plugging and locking solutions specific to your products. We offer a test platform to our customers by combining the body and sealing device in one body. With our software solutions such as reporting, prescription function for different product types, performance measurement, you can record and monitor the data in your production.

Triyac Assembly Press, Triyak montaj sistemi

PCB Triyac Assembly Press

Automatic assembly of some components in electronic card production can be difficult or very costly. For this reason, manufacturers make assembly with the operator. With our assembly systems, we eliminate the errors that may arise in this process and ensure a standard production.

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